Nymbus Hosting is a HaaS (Hardware as a Service) provider, currently only available to clients of The Computer Butler, LLC. Our platform operates with full hardware redundancy, HA (high availability), and automatic fail-over. We load-balance internet traffic across 3 connection-diverse ISPs (coax/fiber/4G), providing our clients with the best possible availability, response time, and bandwidth.

Our network is secured using industry standard best practices, including AES 256 encryption of data, both in-transit and at-rest. We are HIPAA and PCI-compliant. Our environment is temperature-controlled, geo-redundant, and we replicate to Microsoft Azure as a final backup/fail-safe. All technicians with access to Nymbus Hosting are Microsoft Certified.

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Nymbus Hosting is a subsidiary of The Computer Butler, LLC - a conglomerate designed to unify all IT needs for small businesses & nonprofits.